WorkPAL is our flagship OD tool – bringing together Work with Performance Appraisal and Learning to provide an integrated solution capable of delivering true performance management.

Having been developed with the input of many cross-sector and cross-functional contributors, users, managers, Human Resources and OD experts, and senior executives it’s the prime example of the ‘village to raise a child’ analogy, too...

Engages staff by being easy to use and giving them control

Aligns staff with the organisation’s values, behaviours and corporate priorities

Measures the improvement being made allowing organisations to remain strategically responsive

8 benefits of WorkPAL:

  • Fully digital
  • Maximise your talent
  • Raise the bar
  • Drive and monitor culture change
  • Real Time Data
  • Align and engage your employees
  • Improve your employee development
  • Keep on top of your compliance

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Other features:

  • Buddying/Coaching
  • Horizontal and vertical feedback
  • Special interest groups
  • 1:1 records
  • Learning needs analysis
  • Surveys
  • Links to learning management systems
  • Reward and recognition