Here, we do things differently. We make performance management 100% data-driven, and equip organisations with the tools, expertise and ongoing support they need to really empower their people.

With our flagship performance and talent management software and app, WorkPAL, we build a mutually beneficial relationship between employee and organisation creating the right conversations at the right time to execute your strategy

We empower your employees with true ownership of their personal development and career progression. Staff own their performance and grow their own careers – all through a secure and accessible modern platform. This is what the workforce of today, and tomorrow, want. They want and expect to be empowered and to be in control, and work is no different. Your staff are empowered in their personal life.... we mirror that in their work life and it is all governed within your leadership narrative of Goals, Values and Behaviours. 

WorkPAL gives individuals total accountability for their work and informs them of the direct impact their work has on wider business objectives. We stimulate engagement and nurture genuine high-performance cultures.

Performance reviews, performance measurement, employee appraisals all need to be less about annual or large episodic and costly events and the administration of a process, and more about continuous engagement centred around each individuals contribution to the organisation – a flow of focused conversations and the building of an evidence base to that allows employees to flourish.

We empower  senior leaders and executive teams  with a complete and objective view of their workforce’s day-to-day achievements..... and limitations. Our integration of HR/OD with analytics facilitates evidence-based performance conversations, increasing transparency and merit-based reward. Our mobile accessible HR/OD solution enables employers to keep up with their employees’ demands for easy-access processes, leading to greater loyalty and retention.... all of which saves you money.