WorkPAL meets the People Plan needs


The goals of Thirsty Horses, and the way our flagship platform – WorkPAL – has been designed, perfectly complement needs and practical actions identified in the updated NHS People Plan (We are the NHS: People Plan for 2020/21 – action for us all). Our business is performance empowerment, making sure we equip HR and OD professionals, managers and executives with the right information on their workforce and progression against corporate values, behaviours and objectives, and at the right time. We are leading an unparalleled digital transformation in HR and OD practice, moving the conversation on from performance management to performance empowerment, and using innovative tools and software to bring practices in to the 21st Century and maximise use of the latest technology to deliver powerful and meaningful analytics, as well as bring a tech solution to employees that keeps up with their expectations for increasingly mobile working practices, and that has ease of access and a great user experience.

Stated actions in the latest version of the NHS People Plan are at the core of how we can help NHS clients and the benefits WorkPAL brings:

  • “working differently by embracing new ways of working in teams, across organisations and sectors, and supported by technology”
  • “belonging in the NHS highlighting the support and action needed to create an organisational culture where everyone feels they belong”
  • “growing for the future particularly by building on the renewed interest in NHS careers to expand and develop our workforce, as well as retaining colleagues for longer”


The stark reality in the NHS, as underlined by previous NHS plans (see NHS Interim People Plan, June 2019; ) and the recent National Audit Office Digital Transformation in the NHS, report, May 2020, is that HR and OD teams currently often do not have the tools or reliable data necessary to deliver national or local workforce expectations or to support informed management decisions on workforce strategy and investment to make meaningful progress. Years of under-investment in IT infrastructure, huge variations in IT systems and software in use across Trusts, competing demands on limited resources, and largely unsuccessful previous attempts at digital transformation in the NHS mean that a coordinated approach from the centre, and innovation and disruptive technologies from the private sector are urgently needed to ensure past mistakes are not repeated, and if the  latest targets for digital transformation and digitisation (a paperless NHS) are to be met.

As a key provider of innovation to HR and OD professionals and NHS clients, it is great to see the contribution of HR and OD professionals so clearly recognised – the People Plan 2020/21 states that,

HR and OD professionals have a key role to play. Human Resources and Organisational Development professionals are critical to the NHS and will play a unique professional role in driving the implementation of this plan, whatever the size of organisation they work in”.

They can help the NHS attract and retain more people, embed a compassionate and inclusive culture, create an increasingly multidisciplinary and adaptive workforce, and drive different and more flexible working practices. Professionals leading HR and OD work also play a crucial role in smaller organisations and in primary care”

If you work in HR/OD in the NHS, we urge you not to wait any longer for a “golden bullet”, contact us today for a free, no obligation demo of WorkPAL – the scalable, mobile, digital performance management platform that can support you with the right tools and rich, real-time data and analytics to help streamline workforce practices and drive-up staff engagement and performance.

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