Technological advances have fundamentally changed data collection. Not just the waysin which it is collected but the sheer quantityof it. Today, you can find data on more or less anything you can imagine. FitBits, for example, allow wearers to track the number of steps they take each day, the undulations of their heart rate and even the amount of sleep they get at night - all with unerring accuracy. It is a startling example of how the real time data technology has given us the ability to collect can benefit thousands, even millions. Fitness trackers have the potential to improve our health, but how else can we utilise this kind of technology to better our lives?

What better place to start than the one where we spend the vast majority of our lives? The workplace! It is one area where the full capabilities of technology are yet to be realised. Hampered by an absence of data, performance appraisal systems have long been outdated and ineffective. Performance management tools are all too often lacking in the concrete data you need to effectively judge the contributions of employees.

With their innovative and effective performance management system, WorkPal, Thirsty Horses hope to rectify this problem. The appraisal software gives employees and employers the ability to review their progress, give and receive feedback and move away from an antiquated annual performance management cycle towards a more flexible, on-going and useful model. It promotes transparency in the workplace and gives all parties the clear data they need to properly conduct performance appraisals.

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