“We need new thinking and new action if we are truly to do something different in healthcare”was the statement made by Tony Young, the NHS National Clinical Director for Innovation at the Wired Health event in April 2015.
So that’s what we’re doing!

Through our digital solution, WorkPAL, we’re embedding high performance cultures up and down the country in NHS Trusts, CSUs and CCGs.

Adopting WorkPAL means staff are living the values – concentrating on the how are why of their work, rather than just the what. And this means that the ‘openness’ and ‘honesty’ Robert Francis QC highlighted as a priority in his Inquiry is already becoming the norm.

The WorkPAL approach and platform has been proven to work through an independent academic study, authored by Manchester Metropolitan University, working in 7 large NHS Trusts across several different disciplines (Acute, Mental Health, Community, Specialty, etc). If you’d like the summary of the evaluation – or the Post Script to that report, just let us know!

Local Government

In total the Government plans to slash grants to councils by £11.3 billion by 2015/16. Inversely and simultaneously, our expectations for delivery standards are going up and up...

Which leaves us with the now infamous local government quandary – ‘how to do more with less?’

With WorkPAL we’re helping Councils up and down the country to do just that.

By providing a platform that allows them to keep an eye on costs and maximise their assets, WorkPAL is helping councils reduce duplication and waste whilst at the same time driving performance and staff empowerment through targeted support and development.

WorkPAL provides HR/OD Directors and Executive Management Teams with data and evidence to support the decisions they have to make, too. To invest or to disinvest, for example, is a question all councils are asking themselves.

If you’d like to talk about how we can help, just give us a shout.

Private Sector

We know how hard it can be for an HRD at a growing commercial business to engage staff in the appraisal process – just the same as we know how hard it is for staff members when they don’t feel inspired by the company’s mission statement or organisational values.

That’s where we come in.

A contemporary and intuitive software solution based around social networking principles, WorkPAL is helping commercial organisations up and down the country provide a real step change improvement in their performance, appraisal, and individual development processes.

By directly aligning staff to the organisation’s values and priorities WorkPAL engages them, and helps them to improve their productivity as a result. By empowering your teams you release their creativity and innovation, helping you reduce costs and waste whilst developing your business from the inside.

WorkPAL will give you and your managers data that you can use to monitor and respond to progress, too, eg... Appraisal completion rates Workforce performance reports (By Division, Dept, Team, etc) Talent, capability and poor performers Mandatory and statutory training compliance And much, much more...

To see how WorkPAL can help you, why not get in touch?