Looking after our NHS workforce


In the week that lockdown ends and the Pfizer vaccine is signed off by regulators, with roll out beginning next week, here’s some more good news….

Here at Thirsty Horses, one of our key aims is to look after our people , and at the same time we’re constantly striving to use our technology to help the NHS look after its amazing and much bigger workforce.  Many of us have worked with or for the NHS. With this in mind, we are very happy to see in the NHS People Plan 2020/21, that one of 5 key areas identified is “Looking after our people”, and that this is underpinned by a strong statement of intent called the “NHS People Promise”. The aim, that by 2024 the words and themes that make up the Promise become a reality. A recurring element, and now more urgent than ever due to Covid-19, is the health and wellbeing of NHS staff, and which is a key focus of our leading digital performance empowerment platform WorkPAL.

Huge advances have been made in recent times to keep NHS staff safer and healthier in their working environment, and many more innovations have come through during recent months as a result of the response to Covid-19, however in too many of our hospitals, clinics and community care bodies, NHS staff still regularly find themselves working long and unsociable hours. Often short of key team members, challenged to find enough time to complete administrative tasks, and struggling with issues like poor /outdated IT, and enforced budget cuts, no wonder then, that many NHS workers often complain of having to work too many hours, feel burnt out, or are suffering from stress, anxiety, even depression, and a poor work-life balance.

This is where the NHS People Plan and the People Promise can make a real difference, and Thirsty Horses are already well positioned to be part of the solution, and all using the latest digital technology; the NHS People Plan states that from September 2020,

every member of the NHS should have a health and wellbeing conversation and develop a personalised plan”, and that from October 2020, NHE employers, “should ensure that all new starters have a health and wellbeing induction”.

Using our flagship digital workforce solution, WorkPAL, such requirements become routine and the information easily accessed and recorded in real-time !  Using our platform, health & wellbeing is picked up during appraisal and staff 1-2-1 discussions (with a line manager). And with the further good news that since WorkPAL puts staff at the centre of their personal development and career progression, it means everyone has equality and inclusion as a by-product. WorkPAL is a whole workforce solution, designed to be used by the lowest paid operative right up to the Chief Executive, and can be used by everyone regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation or beliefs: by design, it is an equal opportunity platform.

Thus any requirements going forward under the NHS People Plan such as “health and wellbeing conversations and personalised plans”, and new starters needing to have a health and wellbeing induction can be dealt with routinely as part of an NHS workers regular use /logging on to their WorkPAL account.

The take home message for HR and OD professionals and executives in the NHS – contact us now, and let us help make your life easier, and more importantly, let us help you to make it easier for all of your staff to do their jobs more easily and safely. Contact us today for a free demo… or just a chat to explore your situation. We can even connect you with NHS clients who have already adopted our WorkPAL technology so you can hear about the benefits from their own mouths.




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