Employee engagement is a catalyst for success. And any business serious about improving its fortunes going forward should be considering how it can better engage its workforce. An invested and energised workforce, where every employee has a firm grasp of how their role contributes to the accomplishment of the business’ overall goals, is far more likely to deliver positive results.

Practicable methods of boosting employee engagement can be hard to come by however. CEOs don’t have the time to trawl the internet for the latest employee engagement models or scour industry magazines for working employee engagement initiatives. Searches for ‘keeping employees engaged’ often prove fruitless. Even if a seemingly viable method of improving staff engagement is uncovered, it’s likely it won’t be backed by data that proves it really works. Employee engagement benchmarks can only be met by implementing proven concepts and ideas.

Thirsty Horses’ piece, ‘Best Examples of Employee Engagement’, is full of the tried and tested, actionable advice business leaders need to more effectively engage their employees.

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