Absolutely nothing to do with WorkPAL, Thirsty Horses or our team!…  However, on the anniversary week of the first two Covid cases being identified in the UK, it would be remiss of us not to start this newsletter by saying a HUGE “Thank-You” to all the NHS and Social Care staff who have looked after us all, and who are now delivering the vaccination programme at pace.

Through WorkPAL we are lucky to work with HR and OD NHS leaders across England and as such have seen, or rather heard, about the tremendous efforts taking place over the past 12 months.

It’s a testament to the skills, compassion and resilience of NHS staff that they are still on their feet! We cannot wait until Lockdown is lifted and we can get back into the Trusts to see them all.

One thing we will mention is the upsurge we have seen in staff working with WorkPAL taking the opportunity to create speedy objectives, have one-to-ones regardless of their location and send feedback to peers using WorkPAL.  It’s been great to see the support staff give back to one another and it’s been a privilege to aid that through WorkPAL, albeit in a small way from afar.

It’s particularly meaningful for team members working hard behind the scenes at Thirsty Horses, and for some it’s been a very personal journey. Ray Pendleton, founder of Thirsty Horses said…

Hearing that staff in our client Trusts are so readily embracing WorkPAL, and that they see real value in using it as a tool to support each other, to connect with each other, at a time when the wellbeing and resilience of NHS workers is such a preoccupation tells me we are getting it right. We’ve always advocated that performance and development issues should be based on continuous dialogue and feedback, and should have the staff member at the heart of the process, taking real ownership, and with staff wellbeing forming part of that ongoing process. To us, this kind of use of WorkPAL is the embodiment of empowerment, and definitely something we aim to build on. With the ability to instantly feedback and connect with other members of staff, it’s easy to imagine how users will progress to setting up more permanent interest and support groups”.

Digital Performance Empowerment is a key topic and isn’t going away; WorkPAL will be at the forefront of this and its ongoing changes and developments.

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