One thing all thriving businesses have in common is an uncanny ability to retain talent. Finding and recruiting burgeoning talent in itself is hard enough, but seeing those same members of staff jump ship after you have invested months or years into developing them is unbearably frustrating. Understandably then, business leaders are desperate to avoid this outcome by any means possible.

Employee retention ideas, on their own, are not enough. Ideas have to be developed into fully fledged employee retention strategies and, even then, their effectiveness has to be trialled and tested before they can be considered fool proof. Fortunately, Thirsty Horses have done the hard work for you. In ‘The Key to Keeping Talent in Your Business’, they lay out a number of employee retention best practices.

Even if you consider yourself well acquainted with staff retention strategies, this piece is still worth reading. Thirsty Horses challenge the conventional wisdom that has impeded many businesses’ ability to retain leading talent. And with their innovative organisational development technology, WorkPal, Thirsty Horses are prepared to reshape and remould your ill-conceived beliefs about employee retention.

You’ll come away from this piece with a far greater understanding of what separates businesses with a stellar employee retention rate from those with an intolerably poor one. To find out, all you have to do is spend 30 seconds filling out the adjacent form; we promise you won’t regret it!