It is becoming increasingly difficult to understand the reluctance of corporate leaders to welcome apps into the world of work. Apps pervade almost every other facet of our lives; they have revolutionised how we shop, how we travel as well as how we control our finances. If apps can have a beneficial impact on these aspects of our lives, why can’t they do the same for our work lives?

Thirsty Horses’ flagship employee engagement app, WorkPAL, has had a transformative impact on workplaces across the country. The NHS is just one example. And after reading Thirsty Horses’ whitepaper on the pivotal role apps have to play in organising and arranging employee engagement activities, they hope to convince you to join the ranks of countless other companies who are already reaping the benefits of WorkPAL.      

‘Apps engage employees at home, so why not at work?’ makes a very persuasive argument. Citing the works of American systems scientist, MIT lecturer and management guru, Peter Senge, the piece emphasises the empowering effect technologies like WorkPAL can have on a workforce.

You’ll leave the piece exorcised of the ‘fear factor’ surrounding the use of apps in the workplace, and convinced of the importance of leveraging organisational development tools to maximise employment engagement statistics.

To get access to this informative, educational - and potentially transformative - whitepaper, all you have to do is provide a few details. The success of your next employee engagement report depends on it!