There are several ways to explore WorkPAL further with no hard sell and no obligation – just let us know what is best for you…

Book a Discovery Call

We'd love to have a quick 15-minute chat with you to discuss your needs and learn how we could help design and deliver change and make measurable improvements to really help supercharge your organisations culture and performance.

There's no sales pitch - just a friendly call to discover your organisational development challenges, identify your pain points and establish what the best information is to then send or show  you - whether that's a WorkPal demo, a case study, an overview flyer or whatever it is you need.

Bespoke Demo
We are happy to offer a demonstration of our WorkPAL solution – taking you on a whilst stop tour of the key features, how it works and the huge benefits it can bring to your organisation. Each demo is different and will focus on your particularly needs and the services of most interest to you.
30-Day Free Trial

We're delighted to be able to offer you a free trial for 30 days of our flagship digital Transformation and Organisational Development product, WorkPAL.

Register your interest and we'll be in touch shortly to set you up with your trial account of our bespoke talent management software. Experience for yourself how you can create high performance cultures, help drive staff engagement, empowerment and improve employee performance, appraisal and learning within your organisation with Thirsty Horses performance management software, WorkPAL.